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Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX

Your HVAC system contains a ductwork system that distributes cool & warm air inside your house. However, it can get clogged over time, which causes your air conditioner to work inefficiently. Do not worry as long as BB Truck Mounted Cleaning SYSTEM's local technicians are here at your service in Houston, Texas.


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The air ducts inside your Houston, Texas, house are essential to your HVAC system. Without the air ducts, it will be hard to cool or heat your house to your required comfort levels. The main purpose of having air ducts is to direct the cooled & heated air from your air conditioner to your rooms.

However, these important parts might be clogged & blocked with harmful particles & contaminants that might get inside your house and cause severe health issues. Therefore, you should give BB Truck Mounted Cleaning SYSTEM a call at any time you notice that the air quality you are breathing is not the same. Our professional & cheap service is just one phone call away.

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High Quality Services

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Fully licensed

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Affordable Prices

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Signs Of Clogged Air Ducts

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A room with a clogged air duct will not be able to reach the temperature you need & set on the thermostat. Your HVAC system will have to work extra hard to cool or warm your house properly. This can lead your monthly utility bills to double & put you at risk of failing in the service life.

Clogged air ducts will block proper air circulation & result in poor indoor air quality. You will start suffering from respiratory issues such as coughing & sneezing due to the presence of harmful contaminants such as mold & other organic compounds. Therefore, you will be safe with the BB Truck Mounted Cleaning SYSTEM's specialist in Houston, Texas.

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How To Check Ductwork Blockage?

UV light installation service

BB Truck Mounted Cleaning System's licensed air duct cleaning technicians can help you diagnose & then fix any HVAC system issue. However, before giving our Houston, Texas pros a call, you need to check the blockage inside your air ducts. Start by checking your HVAC system to see the fan blow and airflow efficiency & take notes if any parts blow less.

Also, remove the air files to check the ducts & inspect the air vents as they might be clogged by using a flashlight to check the inside parts & take a note if any part is damaged. With our specialized UV light installation service, your HVAC system will flow only fresh & clean air of any germs or bacteria. Thus, call us today & request same-day service.

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